Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Photo: Lagos Prophet sets member ablaze in church, says God asked him to do so


A woman artlessly articular as Madam Bosede was
burnt above acceptance afterwards a astrologer in her church, the Celestial Abbey of Christ (CCC) on Unity Street in Abule-Egba in Lagos, set her afire while aggravating to appearance that he was a accurate man of God during his address aftermost Sunday January 17th.

According to The Nation, the astrologer while
preaching, said he heard the "spirit of God" acquaint him that he was in their bosom and that that if he sets the woman ablaze, annihilation will appear to her. He alleged up the woman, asked for Kerosene to be caked on her appropriate in the abbey and afresh addled a bout stick. Unfortunately, she started burning. Narrating what happened, Bosede said

“Our astrologer said the spirit of God aside to him that I would not bake if he sets me on fire. When I came out, they caked kerosene on my anatomy and set me ablaze. But, unfortunately, I was burnt above acceptance and afore the added abbey associates could get water, the accomplishment had already been done.”he said Speaking on the incident, the astrologer said he acutely heard a articulation instructing him to set a affiliate on blaze to prove and affirm that God was in their midst. “I heard the articulation clearly, but I don’t apperceive what happened afterwards we set blaze on her. God has been speaking to me aback and it has been working, so I admiration why now,” he said. The victim is currently lying alarmingly ill in the hospital. Meanwhile some associates of the abbey accept affidavit never to go aback to the abbey afresh “We cannot adoration actuality again. Who knows who the spirit will ask him to bake next.”one of them said A citizen of the breadth articular as Irene Ohekina said: “I don’t benevolence her; she was the one who accustomed herself to be bamboozled by the prophet. Why did the astrologer not try the blaze on himself or any of his ancestors member?” Another citizen artlessly Nkechi said for the astrologer to accept accustomed such instruction, it charge accept appear from God, abacus “I accept it’s the sins of the victim that fabricated her burn, the astrologer of God could not accept lied.”she said