Monday, 18 January 2016

ISIS is brainwashing children to murder their own parents, child soldier who escaped reveals


According to a adolescent escapee, ISIS is apprenticeship accouchement in its cocky declared Islamic caliphate to annihilation their parents. Identified by his aboriginal name Nasir, the 12-year-old appear that he was one of 60 accouchement actuality accomplished to accomplish as a suicide bomber. Afterwards actuality taken captive, the ambitious adolescent soldiers -which included boys as adolescent as five, were told that ISIS commanders cared for them added than their own parents.

According to him,

“The scariest times for us all were aback the airstrikes happened. They'd advance all of us underground into the tunnels to hide. They told us the Americans, the unbelievers, were aggravating to annihilate us but they, the fighters, they admired us. They would attending afterwards us bigger than our parents. Aback they were training
us they would acquaint us our parents were unbelievers and that our aboriginal job was to go
back to annihilate them.”
Thankfully Nasir who managed to escape their control, fabricated his way to a refugee affected area he was reunited with his family.
“When we able and I saw my mother again, it was like advancing aback to life,” he said.