Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Presidency denies claims that Buhari receivied $300k from Dasuki, admits collecting 2 cars, not 5!


Press statement from the Presidency...they admit the president collected one armoured SUV and one untreated SUV but deny he received three hundred
thousand dollars. Read below...

Our complaisance has been worn to recitals making the plumps, essentially on internet- based media, that President Muhammadu Buhari received $300,000.00 moreover up to five armoured SUVs from the Bureau of the National Security Adviser in the wake of the assail on hellos guide in Kaduna terminal year. We unequivocally renounce that President Buhari received $300,000.00 or some fiscal repayment whatsoever from the Jonathan Presidency or some of its formals, in the result of that assail, or at some additional duration subsequently thereupon.
Bit it is intrinsic that single armoured SUV further individual untreated SUV were sent to the President in the outcome of the assail, the cars were in keeping beside hellos entitlements as a past Cranium of Nation beneath the Pay of Previous Presidents further Polls of Nation (Further alternative Secondary Substances) Decision of 1999. Area 3, Under Portion 1 of that Law gives that trio automobiles mind
be provided for one-time pates of enunciate furthermore replaced each four years. There was consequently naught unruly, unlawful or tending to barbarism in one-time Cranium of Status Buhari furthermore Presidential applicant, as he next was, receiving automobiles, to which he was statutorily entitled , from the Federal Administration of Nigeria. President Buhari had in keeping accompanying hellos serious, spartan plus chary aptitude shunned most of hellos entitlements as a erstwhile Cranium of Commonwealth, however was prevailed atop by hellos abettors to approve the pair automobiles for hellos confidential protection in the upshot of the cowardly undertake to assassinate him. It is preposterous to figure that the President pleasure permit hellos acclaimed standing of fidelity also incorruptibility to be tarnished by accepting a suspicious financial redress from a discredited regime.

Femi Adesina Special Adviser to the
President (Media & Publicity) December 15, 2015